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About the Project

Poster The idea of the project “Tolerance in Everyday Life as a European Citizen” (2004-2007) was that students in all the participating schools become aware of the diversity of the population in their immediate surroundings and learn to accept these differences. They learned about the partner schools, their students and their environment and they realized that there are as many differences in their own area as within the European Union. They learned to treat other cultures with critical tolerance. Most of the work was done simultaneously at the participating schools, the exchange of information took place by internet, email and web-meetings and was spread by “European fairs” or “European weeks” in the schools. In the second year a common logo for the project was developed by the students in an international classroom during a project meeting in Lithuania. We then worked on a common charity project for which we created a birthday calendar which consisted of paintings and other works of art produced in the 5 schools – the results are similar and different at the same time.

The results of the project were continuously published on our project website which was further expanded in the third year, during which we focused on Human Rights and the idea of a European Union. We also sent legends and fairy tales typical of our countries to our partners and illustrated some of them, you can find them on this site. During the final project meeting in Belgium the students evaluated the project and completed the website. By learning about themselves, each other and about the European Union the students found their own identity in a local and European context.

In the future we plan to continue our association and maybe you can find another Comenius project here after 2008. Some further meetings have already been planned, have a look at the “Spurensuche”-website and you will find an example of German-Polish cooperation, a common project between Germany and Belgium is also being planned. We all agreed to intensify the use of the website and the teachers’ forum regularly.

About Comenius

Since 1995 the Sokrates program of the European Union has promoted transnational cooperation and exchanges between schools. Our project matches some of the objectives of the program:
COMENIUS seeks to help those learning and teaching in schools to develop a sense of belonging to a broader and outward-looking European community - a community characterised by diverse traditions, cultures and regional identities, but rooted nevertheless in a common history of European development.